Thursday, May 25, 2006

Overheard in Montreal

Back to CMA National Convention in Montreal for a minute. I heard a number of attendees asking similar questions out of the thought provoking presentations. The questions were along the lines of “what can I do?” or “how does new marketing apply to me?" and "where do I start?”. Some of the comments went as far as to claim "it's all hype".

Well, there are no quick and easy answers. The easiest path is to ignore change and bypass the things that challenge us. It is easier to just keep doing the same old stuff we know, isn't it?

As with most things, taking chances and learing with small wins is a way to get into the game. It's about picking opportunities and trying out something fresh. The only way to know what applies to your situation, and separate hype from hope, is to "just do it". Call it a pilot project and see where it takes you. As the small wins pile up you'll find you are helping to build a foundation for future success.

From the client side, I'd rather be critiqued for trying something new than not doing anything at all. I heard someone say once that luck is a lot hard work. And I believe that. Go get lucky.


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