Monday, October 30, 2006


Sorry for yelling. If you are not redirected automatically, please note that The Client Side Blog has moved here

It's now new and improved with a podcast too! Less calories and all the taste (or lack thereof) that you have come to expect from The Client Side.

So, please check out my spanky new home and be sure to update your feeds.

Why the move? Blogger was wonderful spot to begin blogging back in May when I was not sure if I would manage to keep it going. Now here I am 6 months later and it was a time for a change. So, please join me over at my new home for The Client Side.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Client Side Podcast - Episode # 1 - And The New Blog

Ok , it's ready to go. Finally!

My new blog and inaugural podcast are up. You can find it here at TheClientSideblog

You can find the podcast via the tab at the top of the page.

The Blog is still a bit rough around the edges and I'll be working to sync up my last posts from here (blogger account) over to the new Movable Type account. So please bear with me as the transition will take a couple of more days to complete.

I've been told that starting a podcast is kind of like a talking horse. No one cares what the horse is saying, it is just amazing that it is talking. Shel Holtz told me that the first five podcasts anyone does will suck - the first few episodes will be far from stellar. I hope he was not 100% right and that I am a bit better than a horse. But that is for you to decide. I hope you will stick with me as I find my groove and woudl love your feedback.

Anyhow, here it is. On Episode #2 (hopefully out by next week) I will review how I produced it and why I believe in a bit of post editing is a good thing for my podcast.

Here are the shownotes for The Client Side - Episode #1:

0:00 - Intro to the show
0:30 - Why Start another Podcast?
2:45 - Articles reviewed - Theme of Marketing to Youth and Children
3:10 - Wal Mart - toyland
4:57 - Podcasting in Schools
6:02 - Warner Bros & Scooby-Doo
7:00 - Alliance Atlantis & The Hilarious House of Frightenstein
9:22 - MTV changes to psychographic advertising
10:27 - My Space audience is getting older
12:16 - Social Site usage drops off in September
13:08 - Adjusting The Pitch: How to get ahead in new media

17:30 - Podsafe Music Network song: Remember - Black Lab

CMA Word of Mouth Marketing Conference

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pandora's Box

I had forgotten about Pandora. I can't remember when I first saw it but a friend sent me a link to it today reminding me that it is a cool little site. Thanks for reminding me Bal.

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Crayon Opens It's Virtual Doors

Mish has a great post about the opening of Crayon that took place on Crayonville Island in Second Life. I experienced some technical difficulties and was unable to attend.

Lots of fun hanging out last week with two of the four principles of Crayon (Joseph Jaffe and C.C. Chapman) at the CMA - Canadian Marketing Association - Digital Marketing Conference where they were keynoters.

Here is a picture from the event of the three of us (C.C., myself, Joseph). Other pictures from the event can be found at the gallery.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Birthday iPod

It was five years ago that the iPod was introduced. I can't remember not having one. Is it just me, or did that half decade just whip by?

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Not so Hilarious House of Alliance Atlantis

How many of you out there remember this gem of a series in the 70's created by Billy Van? It's the The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, although I must admit up until a few years ago I always thought it was Frankenstein, not Frightenstein (update: at least three other people I have spoken to todaytold me they thought it was Frankenstein too).

This is how it is described on the fan site: "This live action 60 minute show was a fixture on Saturday morning television for decades. Through its combination of variety, humor, and educational segments, all flavored with the spice of mock horror, the show had a lasting impact on the youth of the day." Here is the Wikipedia entry for more background.

It has been airing on cable TV lately likely due to Halloween and my four and a half year-old daughter has been loving it (Space Channel at 7am). So, when I saw the the DVD series box-set on the shelf of a retailer, I bought it for my kids (and for myself) without a second thought.

Why the beef with Alliance Atlantis? Well, when I open the box-set there was nothing but the disks inside. No show notes, no background info, no extras, no little cheesy booklet or anything at all. Nuthin. Bupkiss. Nada. Zip. Ziltch. Big fat zero. Get my point?

It is a cult classic and they delivered the ol' lunch bag let down.

What a missed marketing opportunity. I wonder how much extra production cost it would have been to do this right? This series was produced in the 1970's, could they not have gone the extra mile and done some interviews with the remaining living cast members or writers or whomever? How about some trivia or interesting anecdotes & stories (like how Vincent Price shot the entire series in one day?)

How about a sticker or a postcard with a URL to go and check out more online? Something in collaboration with the official fan site?
Nope, guess not.

One can only imagine the Long Tail with a seasonal Halloween tie-in (i.e. revisiting a small fall campaign every year as a lead up to Oct 31). Can't you just see the online elements with a small investment? Granted, this is one of thousands of titles that Aliance has on the shelf, but there is no inventiveness here, no hint or spark of an idea to match the cult following for the show.

It is really disappointing that no one cared enough to put any effort into enhancing our memories and adding a little bit more to them. Ok, now I'm all veclempt. Please, talk amongst yourselves.

Seriously though, I am grinning at the memories of Saturday mornings in the 70's and early 80's with my roster of television when I was still wearing PJ's that had feet attached.

Smile if you remember: The Farm Report (if you were a freak and woke up as early as I did ) Spiderman, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, Scooby-Doo, Land of the Lost, Cosby Kids, HR Puffnstuff, Superfriends, Dyno-mutt, Inch High Private, Hong Kong Phooey, Mr. Magoo, Jabber Jaw, SchoolHouse Rock, Shazam & Isis, Ark II, and the list goes on....

Check out Retroland and TV Party if you are a nostalgia junkie like me.

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Love it or Hate it

This comes to us courtesy of Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users. It has as much relevance when applied to brands (in addition to the products or services they create. Where do you stand?:

Apple - love or hate?
Microsoft - love or hate?
Wal-Mart - love or hate?

GAP - love or hate?
Molson - love or hate?

McDonalds - love or hate?
Sony - love or hate?
Ford - love or hate?
Your telco - love or hate?
Your cable company - love or hate?

Alright, I know where we net out on the last two, but it is still an interesting exercise.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Google Up Yahoo Down

Is it Google! or Yahoo! ?

This week, Google reported profit up by 92% year over year for Q3 while Yahoo's third-quarter profit dropped by 38%. I wonder who deserves to use the exclamation mark at this point. Maybe they should change it to Yahoo?!?

Perhaps if the slide continues, Google can do another little acquisition and merge it's newly acquired properties into YaTube.

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Blogging like a madman....

.....but it is all over at The Canadian Marketing Association Blog.

I have tried to summarize all the fantastic presentations from the 9th Annual Digital Marketing Conference. Check out reviews including CC Chapman, Mitch Joel, Bryan Eisenberg, and David Weinberger.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sony Bravia Blows Up Real Good

C.C. Chapman of Managing the Gray and Accident Hash (who I am looking very forward to meeting this week - for the first time outside of Second Life that is) points to Sony's follow-up to the brilliant Bravia bouncing ball effort.

The video is quite cool, check it out.

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Dictator Joke, or Joke Dictator

If you read this and don't laugh, there is something wrong with you.

Funniest post I have seen all day. Courtesy of Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger.

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1 Day to Go

The Canadian Marketing Association's Digital Marketing Conference is one day away. Get there if you can.

Check out all the fabulous speakers and details and decide for yourself if this is something you can afford to miss.

Thursaday October 19 & Friday 20th. The Guvernment Kool Hause - 132 Queen's Quay.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Edelman speaks up on Wal-Mart fake blog

I've been following the story of Wal-Mart's fake blog and Edelman passively since late last week.

Shel Holtz posted an update today after Richard Edelman spoke up today and joined the conversation. He acknowledged the mistake and spoke to Edelman's support of WOMMA guidelines. Steve Rubel commented on Micro Persuassion.

Some questions remain but, as Shel points out it was a good effort at coming clean.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Jaffe, Holtz, Hobson and Chapman - The Newest New Marketing Announcement

Breaking news:

Joseph Jaffe, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson, CC. Chapman have joined forces to create a new company/agency/entity - not sure exaclty what to call and neither are they (and that is a good thing).

All of these gentlemen started doing mystery promos on their respective podcasts last Thursday - Across The Sound, For Immediate Release and Managing the Gray . Now the news has broken and you can take your pick of who's podcast you want to listen to about the annoucement. I'd suggest all as they are equally great.

Joseph Jaffe spoke about how this new powerhouse will rise to the occasion and bring new marketing to the boardroom with their collective expertise, a "mosaic mash-up" that I think will do some ultra-cool work for clients who get it. Jaffe said this is not "superficial understanding and execution" it is about "inventing the future".
Sounds great and I am looking forward to seeing them strut their collective stuff. I predict a Second Life presence for their first office location - hope I get an invite to the opening partay!

PS. Bryan Person of NuComm Road sniffed this one out - he's like Mom P.I. - actually Dad P.I. as he just had an annoucement of his own - the arrival of a new addition to the Person family. Congrats Bryper!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Next Generation Insights - Youth Panel moderated by Guy Kawasaki

Mitch Joel of Twist Image and the Six Pixels of Separation podcast sent me a link to this post at Adrants on Next Generation Insights.

Not only is the content interesting (coupled with strategist Guy Kawasaki as the moderator), I really liked the way the video was served up on the site with the ability to jump ahead in the video via the right hand panel. I don't believe I have seen that type of feature work so well before - it appears to be from Veotag.

Check out the video of Youth Panel moderated by Guy Kawasaki, it holds some interesting insights for marketers.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

AreYou Getting The Message? Special Report in Globe & Mail on Future Of Media

Just making my way through the full section pull-out in today's print version of the Globe & Mail on The Future of Media. Very neat stuff in there, check it out if you can (looked for it on their site - could not find anything to link to - let me know if you can!).

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google , YouTube and the analyst

From the "I love being right" files, I posted about the survival of YouTube back in July, challenging the prediction of Josh Martin, an analyst at IDC.

I wonder if Josh was part of the team that estimated the value of YouTube for Google? Likely not.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coopetition and Illy - a Brand of Taste and Beauty in a time of war

Coopetition is a very interesting term. It brings to mind an aspect of business that you may not align with the seemingly cut-throat nature of the coffee wars. Yet, I found an article I enjoyed in The Economist (again!) recently titled "Head Barista" on that very subject.

You would think a person in Andrea Illy's position, as captain of the family business that was started in 1933, would be shaking in his Italian leather boots about the rise of Starbucks over the past decade. He is not. He views this as healthy coopetition. He is quoted in Economist article as saying "Eight years ago people talked of coffee as a commodity; now, nobody does".

In a fast-paced world of drive-through swill, Illy stands out even more today as a distinct brand. In fact, as you can see their "Beauty has a Taste" tagline is perfectly aligned with what their brand represents and the expectation they have set.

Illy espresso machines are pieces of art. And, their specially crafted limited-edition Espresso cup sets can fetch as high as several hundred dollars each. Many editions are already highly valued collector items.

Why do I care about Illy? Well, I start each and every day with a home-brewed shot of espresso - albeit in a Starbucks Barista machine (if anyone at Illy wants to send me one of theirs to do a comparison test, I'd happily comply). That being said, I like my Starbucks a whole lot too. So, if you love coffee they way I do and know the difference between brews and beans, Illy is simply one of the best.

They come by it honestly as the Economist article reveals, "Mr. Illy is a chemistry graduate - at university he wrote a thesis on the "Quality of Espresso from a Chemical Perspective". Want to bet his Dad helped him a bit with that paper?

The next phase for Illy is to open "Espressamente Illy" cafes worldwide as "advertisements for the brand" as well as remaining focused on sending a clear message that Illy produces coffee "according to the highest ethical standards" in terms of the fair-trade market.

Andrea, if you are ever in Toronto, or plan to open an Espressamente Illy here, I'll be there with cup in hand. Mr. Illy, you make good coffee.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran answers questions on Second Life

Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran was interviewed by Lars Brandle of Billboard and offered a few insights into why Duran Duran is finding a second life in Second Life.

It is a very quick read, here are the Six Questions with Nick Rhodes

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Suits and Creatives

To figure out the fine balance between suits and creatives you need look no further than one of my all-time favourite shows; Entourage. There are some real insights into how these two types of personalities can work.

If you know the show, Eric ("E") is not a typical suit. Although he is in charge of Vince's career as his manager, he is an astute judge of the exact blend required between artistic pursuits and smart business choices.

Eric's character is grounded. He knows the business of the business, acting just as much like a Tom Hagen consigliere (or for a more modern mob reference, Silvio) as he does a business guru, a la Tom Peters.

Eric knows he is not a creative and leaves that to Vince. More importantly, he seems to know the business implications of creativity. He has been a solid decision-maker in growing the integrity and value of his brand (Vince). He has gained respect by doing what was right for his brand - weighing long-term strategy versus short-term manouvers. All the while, Vince sits back - clad in black - and does his laissez-fair thing, making the end product look great and the effort look minimal. A great team effort.

So, what does this mean for a marketers? Simply, the industry needs more Erics'. Those with informed opinions willing to take some creative chances, but know which ones are worth pursuing. Those who understand that neither party needs to be scared of the other or feel superior in the job they do. It is all about bringing individual expertise to the table and working together to deliver stellar results.

All that being said, sometimes you need to throw in a little Drama and Turtle for comic relief along the way. Wanna hug it out?

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