Monday, July 31, 2006

Canadian Podcast Listeners Survey - The Official Story

Thanks again to Leesa Barnes of Podonomics for providing me with a scoop last week on the Canadian Podcast Listeners Survey. Leesa has a summary titled over at Podonomics titled "Podcasting Taking a Hold in Canada".

Here is a pdf of the Canadian Podcast Listeners Survey Results for download. Thanks again to Sequentia and Caprica for conducting the survey.

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At 7:05 PM, Blogger Leesa Barnes said...

Thanks for your summary of the report and your excellent feedback. Everyone has something different to critique based on the industry they're working in.

Frankly, I hope this encourages more to look at the role social media plays in our day-to-day communications. Someone should conduct a random survey on podcasting, someone else should focus just on the advertising/marketing angle, someone else should focus specifically on video podcasting, etc.

The results that we uncovered are just the beginning. We've opened the door to other interpretations. It's time for people to squeeze through and uncover their own trends from a Canadian perspective.


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