Sunday, July 23, 2006

I like being right (it is rare)

I like being right because it is rare.

Anyhow, I wrote a post a few days ago called Desperate House-dudes, this novel is for you. I spoke about the publishing of a novel by Electrolux titled Men in Aprons. The book is an attempt at long form content marketing and product placement aimed at the newly-single male segment.

In my critique, I asked "Is it any wonder these guys are recently single? Any self-respecting man I know pitches in, does the work around the house - complains a bit - but shows that we live in today’s world, not yesterdays."

Not more than 3 days later I found this article in the Globe & Mail about how men are doing more and more around the house. I thought it was ironically in-line with the point I was trying to make (although I had to hide the article from my wife so I can continue tell how much more I do than every other husband.)

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At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Ed Lee said...

that's us bloggers - always ahead of the curve and dragging the MSM along with us!


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