Friday, July 14, 2006

TV changes the measurment channel

Here is where we start to mark the beginning of what could be the end. The staple of TV measurement for past six and a half decades is no longer. The world that began with CBS, ABC and NBC, and grew from there, has finally made the shift we have been waiting for. The era of program ratings has drawn to an overdue close and, the era of commercial ratings is upon us.

Arguably, the switch has been made to a slightly less ambiguous form of measurement as it won’t rate individual commercials. It will measure a stretch of commercials shown in a grouping, or pod.

Either way, the accountability spotlight is going to shine on the most expensive form of advertising. Television will increasingly be under the microscope for its effectiveness.

Two recent items on this topic include a Seth Godin post as well as an Ad Age Audio Reports podcast with Ad Age Media Reporter Abby Klaassen.

Bottom line: Digital media has really started to force the evolution where engagement and success can be quantified without any guessing. It is that simple.

The problem is that there are still strong institutional views that TV is a silver bullet for any brand. This mentality is entrenched in many a senior camp. I don’t see a marketing crisis as the paradigms shifts, but the scary part (reality) is that dollars may fall off the table forever if measurement shows TV is not worth the money.


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