Monday, July 03, 2006

Robert Scoble banned from Second Life

Virtual world, real boot.

ZDNet reports blogger extrodinaire Robert Scoble , formerly of Microsoft , now of PodTech (still of Scoblizer) has been banned from Second Life . "I am a Second Life Law Breaker" is Robert's own account of this situation on his blog.

It seems he broke the rules of SL when he let his twelve year old son help him build his new office in the virtual world, accessing Second Life with Scoble Sr's account.

Why do I care about this? Looking at the brand of Second Life, I applaud the enforcement so it does not become compared to My Space in the same manner.

I think Second Life did the right thing, regardless of Scobles stature in the blog world. Whether or not Linden Lab banned him knowing the name recognition would gain some extra "press" along the way through the blogosphere is not the point.

Naked converstations? That is exactly what LindenLabs hopes to reserve for the 18 plus crowd.


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