Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lots of snickers at the Snickers site - and a candy blog too!

Got the munchies?

Candy bar brand Snickers has a very cute site being updated daily. Check out Snickers Satisfies. Thanks to Tug and John at American Copywriter for pointing this one out.

Snickers has also hired a blogger to reach the skater boi segment. That story comes from Adrants, here is a quick excerpt.

"It's an effort by Snickers to smartly reach an audience immune to traditional media. Called The Rover, Jake will traverse the country for a year leading every sk8ter boi's dream; an all expenses paid position as board sports ambassador, hanging with riders and boarders, attending events and drooling over Gretchen Bleiler. Oh, and he'll be blogging the whole thing too. Unsupervised and Unedited we're told. They're will also be podcasts. "

Bong and a Blintz? Uh..., I mean Snickers.


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