Friday, June 09, 2006

Hub and spokes

At the centre of anything is an idea. Let’s call an idea the hub.

Directly connected to the hub are spokes. They support the frame ensuring the wheel spins right and true. If we consider our tactics and channels to be the spokes, then special attention must be paid to balancing them.

From a campaign planning and execution perspective, a good idea becomes a successful initiative when the hub spins and the spokes are finely tuned. I’m not saying anything new here; we all know this.

A lot of discussion has been going on around media neutral or agnostic campaign and creative development. I wonder how much has broken through on the client side? It is well worth looking into, debating and exploring, because reliance on only a few spokes may end up warping the whole wheel.

New media and marketing presents challenges and opportunities to rethink things. What has not changed is that a good idea and great execution are the keys.


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