Monday, June 05, 2006

Forget about shaveeverywhere by Philips, Tractor Supply Co. gets my vote

I came across this very cool little site for Tractor Supply Co. after a stop by Adrants.

You can do many things on the site like Get your Mow on with John, or Drop by the Joke Porch (sorry, the jokes are not that funny). Unlike there are no "hedges" to shave/shape - that is a good thing.

Carmichael Lynch and Bent Image Lab are behind the site.

I'd love to know more of the story here. Was the client (Tractor Supply Co.) driving the insight that people in the country need stuff too? Did they purposefully create the appeal to non-urban dwellers by characterizing country folks as they have? Or were they really trying to get more city folk into the stores? Am I too much of a city boy client to nail down the real target audience here? Either way, it's cute and it works.

From a brand perspective, it does a great job helping TSC stand-out from the crowd. If I forget that Philips brought us, I won't likely forget about TSC after "Martin-izing my cell phone" (yes, downloadable country ringtones are available from Martin).

Check out the commercials too. Good job all around.


At 11:00 AM, Anonymous Ben Yoskovitz said...

That is some site. Quite entertaining, particularly when you can see what other people have done with whirlygigs...

The branding isn't that intense, after playing with it for awhile I had forgotten who you had said the site was for - till I noticed the Tractor Supply Co. logo in the top-right hand corner.

I'm not sure they'll get the same attention as Philips (with the marketing machine that Philips has) but this is an incredible example of doing something fun on the Web for a business that may not be synonymous with "cool" or "fun".

At 5:20 PM, Blogger Michael Seaton said...

Thanks for your comment Ben. I too liked the low-intensity brand approach they took.

A few very smart brand people I spoke with regarding commented that the Philips name may soon be forgotten once the smoke clears i.e. could have been Remington or Braun etc.?

With Tractor Supply Co, I certainly won't mix them up with Home Depot or Wal Mart.


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