Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Across the Sound - I'm a correspondent

I'm very happy to report that I will be an "official" correspondent for Joseph Jaffe on his marketing podcast, Across the Sound. (Btw - if you have heard it and enjoy it, go vote at Click to Vote: MarketingSherpa Reader's Choice Blog & Podcasting Awards 2006 )

Joseph is the author of Life After the 30-Second Spot . This is really an honour as I have drank the kool-aid. I am a big fan and have nothing but respect for him. He ranks in my "top two" of new marketing thought leaders (the other "top two" individual is someone I am lucky enough to work with. That guy has a blog you can vote for under the "Blogs on general marketing" section at MarketingSherpa).

The correspondent opportunity came about after a dinner with Joseph at the CMA - Canadian Marketing Association National Convention last month in Montreal. Over appetizers, he challenged me to leave an audio comment and get in on the conversation at ATS. So I did, right there while he was sitting ATT (Across the Table).

I have not taken on this gig lightly. Joseph has grown a very large audience of smart people. I will try to stay true to client side issues and perspectives and hope to add some value to the conversation with this unique opportunity.

My call to action for readers of this blog is to let me know what client side insights you would like me to report on. What's on your mind? Leave a comment.


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