Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Client Cast

The guys at American Copywriter focused on clients for Episode 39 of their podcast. It was insightful to hear how clients are viewed from the other side of the table. It is titled "The suck up edition" (it is a few weeks old already - I've been playing a bit of catch up on my podcasts)

I never expected to laugh out loud when I began listening to American Copywriter. Ricky Gervais has nothing to worry about, but Tug and John are hilarious with their no holds barred commentary. Check it out at and beware of the cold open.

I have enlarged the fine print on the site so you'll know what you are getting into:
"DISCLAIMER: The narrow-minded views and half-baked opinions expressed within these digital files belong exclusively to John and Tug and, occasionally, Jerome or a special guest. The management of Sullivan Higdon & Sink and the agency’s valued clients have, intelligently, divorced themselves from the content of this show and have absolutely no editorial control or input. In fact, they’d likely be horrified by what we actually say here. So, 1.) Please don’t tell them and 2.) If you have a beef, take it up with the person who uttered the nonsense in the first place. Oh, and you know, it’s just a podcast. Just relax and take it all with a several thousand grains of salt.."
BTW - Client Cast? Hmmm , that sounds like a good title for a podcast.


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