Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did Rocketboom lower the boom on Amanda Congdon?

Rocketboom host /vlogger Amanda Congdon is no longer just a click away (a moment of silence please.)

Reports if Amanda left on her own or was booted are conflicting. Rocketboom posted this annoucement today. Here is the story from Steve Rubel at Micro Persuassion and here is the TechCrunch report.

Amanda posted this video about her departure and I am going with that version. Either way, it sounds kinda ugly.

If you want to ask Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron about what happened, you can probably bend his hear at CaseCamp in Toronto this Friday (July 7).


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Sulemaan Ahmed said...

Missed you at CaseCamp. Kudos to Eli for putting together another great event in a fantastic venue. Presentations were all good in their own unique way.

It was interesting getting Andrew's version of events on RocketBoom but after going well over the allocated 15 mins, it was pushing it. I realize he's visiting from NY but the other presenters stuck to their time.

One person in the peanut gallery remarked to me "This is turning into an episode of Laguna Beach".

I'm just glad I read this blog posting before going to CaseCamp or I would have been really lost.


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