Monday, October 02, 2006

Quirky names - good or bad for business?

Out and about today I saw a sign for a travel business. I could have sworn it said "Lime of Your Life Tours".

Upon closer inspection it was really "Time of Your Life Tours". Why the confusion? Blame it on really bad logo design that distorted the "T" and made it look like an "L" (if I would have had my camera with me I would have taken a shot to illustrate). I was almost resigned to the fact that somebody named it "Lime of Your Life" and, like most other nonsense that enters my brain, it got me thinking.

My point here today is to ask a simple question, when is a bad name for a business not so bad?. In support of this question I found this site called Shop Horror. I will let you be the judge. Is it "Wok this Way", "Austin Flowers" or "Vinyl Frontier"?

How about this one below I found at Spinfluencer. This I believe is bad. Or is it?

Do you have any examples that are just plain bad? Or any that are so bad they are actually good? Post a comment. Enquiring Blinds want to know...

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At 10:11 AM, Blogger my name is kate said...

So funny .. I was just thinking about this last night on my walk home. There is a Chinese restaurant called "Wok on Inn" near my place in Vancouver. It totally makes me smile .. but I was pondering the necessity of the "Inn" vs just plain "in". I do love it.

But viruswoman? Not as good.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Kate Dugas said...

In my home town of Ottawa there is an Indian restaurant called Nagina. Only they have really stylized the 'n' and it looks like a 'v'. The first time I saw it walking down the street I almost choked myself laughing.

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Michael Seaton said...

Kate, Kate..

Thanks for the comments. Kate D, the VanCity site looks very nice.. I will have to check it out further when I have a chance.

Thanks for dropping by!


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