Friday, August 04, 2006

Hear my question answered by Seth Godin on Across the Sound

Joseph Jaffe just posted the "Celebrity SethMatch", an interview with marketing guru Seth Godin recorded earlier today.

I sent in an audio question for Seth asking "what one technology, idea or innovation have you seen over the past year that will change the world of marketing forever?"

To paraphrase Seth's answer to my question, he reinforced that as mass adversting and marketing is dead, and we are living in the world of a segment of "one". The web has helped to create easily identifiable consumers where any individual has the power to stand-up and be counted, to interact and leave a trail right back to themselves. Technological breakthoughs are tracking everthing and that is the fundamental reason why the bananas are beside the milk at WalMart .

Seth also said that advertising won't go away, and spoke about how conusmers now have powers they may not even realize when they vote with their wallets, or vote with their blog posts, or vote with their feet. Basically, we are all spoiled brats and are the most demanding consumers ever. Wow, it would seem that although I have never met Seth, he really does know all about me!

Listen to the Sethfest on Across the Sound.

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At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Ed Lee said...

great question Michael. I was racking my brain for some sort of convoluted, multi-facted question about, well, I'm not sure what!

yours was elegant and simple! looking forward to listening later,


At 8:44 PM, Blogger Agent Wildfire said...

I must concur Michael, with the Film Festival in town...I was told by a grizxled veteran of celebrity culture that if your stuck for a question when confrnted by a celebrity (which Seth is a bonafide example of), always ask about predictions or thoughts about the semes like yoiu nailed it...when I have time to bretahe, i'll have to check out the 'cast..cheers


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