Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Text, Audio & Video

Something I heard recently on Ad Age's "Why it Matters" podcast got me thinking.

Most advertising and marketing has been organized and planned around print, TV and radio. It has been this way forever.

However, as traditional marketing and advertising gets it's new marketing and media makeover, perhaps it is time to look at how things are structured from an organizational standpoint. Perhaps it is time we addressed keeping pace with change and truly capitalizing on it by changing our marketing DNA.

What if the model shifted to simplify the current silo-driven approach? What if we looked at the merits of an approach around Text, Audio and Video? Text as it relates to anything readable, be it digital or physical. Audio as it relates to anything you can hear via radio, podcast or other source. And, video represented in broadcast, online, videogames or other potential form of playback.

Instead of adapting a TV spot to online, or a print ad to a banner or landing page, concepts could truly break free of their "channel shackles" and be built-up on the strength of the core idea. This ties in nicely with one of my previous posts titled "Hub and spokes".

So, if the decline of traditional channels is making us rethink nearly everything, why not look at the organizational structures that were originally built to support this now decaying model? There are overtones of Kevin Robert's SISMO in all this (although I have yet to read SISMO so I am just hazarding a guess here). But, I think it would be worth a healthy debate to see if it is adaptable or not.

My new "meme" is the power of collaboration versus integration. Could this all be related to how/why collaboration is so much more important than integration? My take is that collaborative marketing invents ideas with the whole picture in mind while integration tends to force a square peg fit into a round hole most of the time. That being said, I'll save more on that "meme" for another post or podcast.

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