Saturday, August 19, 2006

I am sorry, it was too painful

I'm back home as of a few hours ago and the shakes are beginning to subside. Fifteen days of sucky dial-up Internet was not as much fun as you may think. I was thrown back to the land before time when waiting for simple text to paint the screen was king. Seems so pre-historic. Thus, blogging was too painful to manage so I opted for a clean break.

Made me think about how we ever managed to live in a 28.8 world?

I realized a hard-truth; access is not enough anymore. We have all become spoiled broadband brats and do not even try to make excuses for our need-for-speed addictions.

Remember when just getting on the grid was the reward? What was once so liberating has just become annoying when the pipeline does not deliver on our demand for instant gratification.

My vacation? Lots of fabulous family time all around. True R & R. And, like every vacation it was not long enough. However, I am glad to be back and connected to the world at a speed where the information is waiting for me, and I am not waiting for it.

BTW - I will not be reachable for the next 72 hours as I catch up on all my podcasts & blogs.


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