Thursday, October 05, 2006

Executives and iPods.

How much would pay to have a staff member go to a conference and learn something new? It would be a steal for $200 -300, right? What if, for that very same investment, you could deliver conference type content or better on a regular basis throughout the the year?

Well, it can be done through the power of podcasting. With an iPod, Zune or any other Mp3 player it is not far out of reach. This technology is not just about music. Check out iTunes ,Podshow , Yahoo , Podcast Alley , Podcast Pickle or other sources for content specific to your business and away you go.

As the holidays approach, executives and leaders should consider these devices as gifts for staff. It is a double reward. It not only teaches them "how to use new tools", it also provides immediate access to the type of content that will help them pick their game up a notch or two, and yours.

So, what gift are you giving this year?

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At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Eden Spodek said...

Alternatively, for those of us with smaller budgets, you can always buy a couple iPods for your department to share. It's a great way to access useful content and learn about new tools. You may want to give everyone their own headphones though.

Happy listening,

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Kevin Donaldson said...

I worked for Capital One, and in 2005, they began offering iPods to all associates. You could sign up to get one through the training department. They were managed just like other company asset. They used them to allow people to listen to audio books related to training or for self learning. For example, In our department (IT) we did a department wide book study on 'The World is Flat' right after it was released, to help shift people's thinking in the new economy. As an added benefit, you could even load your own music on them.


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